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Jcow is a PHP social networking script that allows webmasters to make social websites easily. It includes all the popular features you will need to make a niche community.
Key Features
White Label
100% Source Code
Clean&Friendly UI
Facebook Login
Template/Theme system
Module/Plugin system
Multiple Languages
Roles&Permission control
Google Map integrated
SMTP support
Dynamic Cache
Inline Ads
News Feed
Browse People
Fan Pages
User Groups
Jcow Instant Messages
Allows your members to live chat with each other.
Built-in module, easy to enable/disable
Optimized for Desktop and Mobile.
Low server load.
Members can choose to allow message from "Everyone" or "Friends only".
Jcow Discussions
Allows your members to start/discuss topics.
Tree-style threads.
Topics support multiple topic tags.
Texts support Markdown formatting.
Replies ordered by "Best" - replies with more likes get higher priority.
Topic listings
Viewing a Topic
Jcow Questions
Allows your members to ask/answer questions.
Browse recent questions or "unanswered" questions.
Answer voting system - higher voting get higher position.
Comments on answers.
Answer support Markdown formatting.
Jcow Images
Allows your members to share images.
Image gallery.
Image album.
Image privacy - users can share "friends only" images.
Image gallery
Jcow Blogs
Allows your members to share blogs.
Blogs listings
User blogs and Fan Page blogs.
Support markdown formatting.
Multiple Tags.
Multiple images.
Featured stories.
Recommended stories based on likes.
Top stories.
Jcow Videos
Allows your members to share videos.
Support multiple parts(videos) in a single video page.
Support Youtube and Vimeo.
Auto generate thumbnails.
Multiple Tags.
Viewing video
Jcow Fan Pages
Allows your members to Create/Like Fan Pages.
Fan Page
Members can create Pages and share status, images, videos, blogs.
Members can follow Pages and get news feed from their homepage.
Jcow Groups
Allows your members to Create/Join Groups.
Status, images, videos, events.
Group owner can manually approve each new group member.
Support "Local Group" creation and browse.(integrated with Google map)
Group page
Jcow Events
Allows your members to create/join events.
Google map integrated.
List events hosted by friends and joined groups.
List nearby events.
Support private group events
List events
Viewing an event
More reasons to choose Jcow
Simple but Powerful News Feed
From the Newsfeed page, users can view streams from friends, followed Pages, and joined Groups.
Inline Ad blocks
Get rid of the Ugly banners that making low click rate and poor user experience. Using our new designed intelligent inline-ads to get your members satisfied and get more money.
Adsense Optimized
Google Adsense is the most efficient way to monetize your site. But Adsense is not friendly to member-only pages or dynamic pages. Jcow makes it possible that Adsense can see the exact same content as a logged in user, and then display targeting ads. This feature will highly increase your revenue.
Multi-language support
You can translate Jcow to whatever language you want.
Full Control
You get 100% Source Code
You can change it.
You can easily enable/disable Jcow modules by clicks.
Template Engine
If you know HTML/CSS, you can change the theme(LOGO,layout,colors,..) by editing the Template files.
Intelligent Caching
On a social networking website, a single page generally run many SQL queries. Too many SQL queries slower the website performance. So we developed the "Intelligent Caching system" to reduce the amount of SQL queries.
The system will automatically cache high-load pages and make them performance super-fast.
Community Guard
Integrated online SPAM checker stop spammers from signing up.
Integrated reCaptcha stop bots.
Limit registrations per IP address.
Jcow system is monitoring/limiting susceptible acts behind you. (Example: if someone is attempting sending too many posts, he will be stopped automatically.)
Live Demo Get Jcow from $299