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Delux Edition

Ultimate Edition
One-time Fee
Member limits
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
100% Source Code Download
Free Support&Updates
White Label
no "powered by Jcow" on your page
Instant Message(Live Chat)
Friends&Following connections
Mobile web browser Friendly
Application-level Anti-flood and Anti-SPAM
Facebook Oauth connection
Google Oauth connection
Inline Ad space & Adsense Optimize
Jcow Pages
Allows your members to create/like Facebook-style Fan Pages.
Jcow Groups
Allows your members to Create/Join Facebook-style Groups.
Jcow Forums
Traditional Forums system.
Jcow Questions
A Q&A system for your community.
Stream boosting system New!
Allow your members to boost their stream by paying money.
Jcow Mobile App Interface New!
Allows you easily create native-like mobile apps and submit to App Store and Google Play Store.
Free website installation service.
If you needed, we can install Jcow website to your hosting directly.
One-time Fee
License agreement


How do I download Jcow software after purchase?
- After order completed, we will send you a Welcome email containing download info. You will be able to download your package and future updates from our client area.
Can I upgrade my license from Pro Edition to higher Edition?
- Yes, you can upgrade your license from Pro to Delux/Ultimate, or from Delux to Ultimate anytime you want.
Is there a discount if I buy multiple Licenses?
- Yes, it is only $99 for an additional license, regardless of Edition type.
I'm using Free Edition, can I upgrade to paid Edition without loosing data?
- Yes, you can upgrade smoothly.
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