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Jcow is your complete solution for creating a social media App.
You get all necessary Social App features like Status, Photo/Video sharing, Live Chat, Friends, etc..
How to create a Social Media App
Jcow App is using React Native framework. Before starting, make sure you have a computer with MacOS installed. And you need to have basic knowledge of React Native, Expo and command line. Steps to create a Social Media App:
  1. Install Jcow website to your server
  2. Install Expo
  3. Create a new blank Expo project and make it successfully running
  4. Stop the project. Copy files from "YOUR_JCOW_PACKAGE/mobile" to your project folder
  5. Edit config.tsx, set the value of url to your own Jcow website url.
  6. Install dependences from package.json
  7. Run and test your App
  8. Use Expo command line submit your App to App Store and Play Store
Launch a successful Social Media App with powerful features
Landing Page. You can easily customize your own background and text from Website AdminCP.
News Feed.
Sharing Form.
Live Chat.
Photo Gallery.
Photo Zoom View
Video Share.
Support most of Jcow apps.
Create your own Social App without programing
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