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Jcow Settings

Settings in Administrator CP

Log-in with your admin account, click the "Administrator CP", and click the "site configuration", you will see the common settings:
  • Site name - Your Network Title. It will be displayed to your website title and sending-out email title.
  • Site Slogan - Your site's motto, tag line, or catchphrase (often displayed alongside the Network Title).
  • Footer Message - Displayed in the footer of your pages. HTML tags are allowed.
  • Custom Menu Items - You can add links here. They will be displayed next to the app links.(must be started with "http://")
  • Chat Box - If you enable "Chat Box", your members will be able to see their online friends and chat with them. The chat box will execute more SQL queries.
  • Location Options - Define your member locations. It will be used on the member registration and member browse. By default, it is a country list. If your network is whinin a count, you can change it to a city list.

Settings in config.php

After installation, open the "/my/config.php" with en text editor, you will find the basic settings. Generally, you do Not need to change anything in the file.
  • $db_info - Database access info. It was generated when you installing Jcow.
  • $uhome - This is the URL of your Network.
  • $config['disable_language'] - If your network has only one language and it is english, you can change this value to 1, so that your network can run faster.
  • $config['allowed_html_tags'] - When you installed tinyMce(a HTML editor) to your network, you members can insert to their content the HTML tags listed here.
  • $optional_apps - If you are installing a 3rd part Jcow app, you should add the app info to this array.

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