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How I get Clean URLs?

It looks nice if your URL is http://YOUR_NETWORK/blogs instead of http://YOUR_NETWORK/index.php?p=blogs
By default, Jcow v4 disabled "Clean URL" because some servers do not support rewrite_mod.
You can attempt to enable it by the following steps:
1. Open your "/my/config.php"
2. Find this line:
$ubase = $uhome.'/index.php?p=';
- Change it to:
$ubase = $uhome.'/';
After you have made the changes, click some links of your network. If you get a "404" error, you need to undo the above changes.
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I cannot send invitation emails or receive notification emails

Please make sure your web server has the ability of sending out emails. You can test it by a simple PHP file:
mail("YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS","test title","test content");
Just replace the "YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS" with your own email address and run this file on your server.
If you are running Jcow on localhost, I'm 99% sure you can not receive email.
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When should I enable Caching?

- Generally, the time you have more than 20 active members.
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Can I install Jcow 3 modules/themes/languages to Jcow 4?

- Yes. Jcow 4 has downward compatibility. (Except for built-in modules)
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How to remove Jcow footer('powered by Jcow')?

In Free Edition, you are not allowed to remove Jcow Branding. But you can choose to display a Text link or an Image link:
jcow_attribution('image') --- an image link.
jcow_attribution('text') --- a text link.
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