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Develop your own Jcow Modules


  1. Create a folder: "/modules/testapp"
  2. Create a info file: "/modules/testapp/testapp.info"
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    name = My Test Module
    version = 1.0
    description = this is my testing
  3. Create a icon file: "/modules/testapp/icon.png" (Optional)
  4. Create a PHP file: "/modules/testapp/testapp.php (the file name MUST match the folder name)"
    testapp.php - A "hello world" app:
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    class testapp {
    	function index() {
    		section_content('Hello world!');
    		section_close('Hello title');
    	function test() {
    		section_content('Hello world2!');
    		section_close('Hello title2');
  5. Create an Installation file: "/modules/testapp/testapp.install.php" (Optional)
    testapp.install.php - A "hello world" app:
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    function testapp_menu() {
    	$items = array();
    	$items['testapp'] = array(
    		'name'=>'Test menu1',
    	$items['testapp/test'] = array(
    		'name'=>'Test menu2',
    	return $items;
  6. Go to your "Admin Panel" - "Modules", you will see the "My Test Module" in the module listings. Check the checkbox in front of it, and click the button "Update Modules"
  7. Your test module has been enabled
  8. You can download&install this more complicated module to understand how it works: jcow.test.zip

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